Wroxall Parish Council

Details & Councillor Contacts

Monthly Council Meeting

Council meetings are currently being held in the Methodist Hall at 7 pm on the second Monday of each month. Members of the public are very welcome to attend meetings.

Chairman - Adrian Gallop

Adrian Gallop (Chair) - Barn Court, Redhill Lane - 01983 840127

Clerk to the Council - Michael Taplin

Michael Taplin, Flat 8, 33 Landguard Manor Rd, Shanklin PO37 7HZ - 01983 862810

Isle of Wight Councillor -
Rodney Downer

Rodney Downer, Oaklea, Grove Rd, Wroxall, PO38 3BL - 01983 854203


Chairman, Adrian Gallop, Barn Court, Redhill Lane, [email protected],   840127

Vice Chair, Cheryl Watts, 17 Mountfield Road, [email protected] , 07719332376

Helen Little, Winstone Farmhouse, St John’s Road, [email protected] , 861280

Dr Kai Wacker, KAIMAR, 5 Brookside Crescent, [email protected] , 856741, 07551088602

Lorraine Witt, Rose Pond, Newport Road, Godshill, [email protected], 07534796901


Vince Wedlock-Ward   Elstow, High St                           339242

[email protected]


General Enquiries

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